May 30, 2017


AIKUNA is Alumni Association of Indonesia-Korea Youth Exchange Program. We are a youth-led organization run in social cultural activities and sustainable development issues in Indonesia.


AIKUNA is established in Jakarta in 2011. We have over 200 youths from 34 provinces in Republic of Indonesia and around 7 provinces in Republic of Korea become our network. Our member is the Indonesian alumni of Indonesia – Korea Youth Exchange Program or IKYEP.

As a youth-led organization, we envision to be a facilitator and catalyst for youth development in Indonesia. We have been partnering with Ministry of Youth and Sports, Republic of Indonesia since 2011 to assist in facilitating youth leadership training and collaborating with local communities in the area of creative industry, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development. We worked with various public institutions in the past to implement it through youth exchange activities, as for example with Bogor Regency government, Solo City government, Balai Pemuda dan Olahraga Jogjakarta, Makassar City government, Kuningan Regency government and Bandung City government. We also collaborate with local youth communities such as Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia (PCMI) in host province to help us in managing the youth exchange program.