Kabar Alumni : Nabil Satria

Aikuna’s star of the month! Muhammad Nabil Satria Faradis (Nabil)   This month’s article featured a very special IKYEP alumna well-known for his exceptional achievements yet a very humble personality, Muhammad Nabil Satria Faradis, or better known as Nabil. Nabil is currently pursuing Master of Engineering at the University of Melbourne with a full scholarship from Australia Awards Scholarship.


Writing a Strong Personal Statement for Scholarship   Your dream scholarship application deadline is about to end. Now you already got a perfect GPA, an outstanding language proficiency test result, and series of achievements in your related field. But personal statement? You may still wonder how you shall begin, so you can leave a remarkable Read more about AIKUNA BULLETIN – EDISI 3 (MARCH – APRIL 2019)[…]

Kabar Alumni : Ghaida Roshuna

Starting from a very strong desire to be able to contribute for her region Bangka Belitung, Ghaida Roshuna, alumnae of Indonesia Korea Youth Exchange Program (IKYEP) 2016, shared her positive energy through her social organization “Aksi Baik Babel”. As the Founder she succeeded in making a huge step by inspiring the youth of Bangka Belitung, Read more about Kabar Alumni : Ghaida Roshuna[…]


Work-life balance: How to make time for community services project? Community services activity can be a great way to spend some free time while doing your study or work. Not only it will be able to shape your leadership skill, creativity, and networking skill, it can also grow your real interest to make a positive change for Read more about AIKUNA BULLETIN – EDISI 2 (FEBRUARY – MARCH 2019)[…]

Kabar Alumni: Firman Fajar Saputra

To kick of the year 2019, Aikuna’s editorial team had a very fruitful discussion with Firman Fajar Saputra, alumnae of Indonesia Korea Youth Exchange Program (IKYEP) 2015 and the owner of a famous Indonesian dishes restaurant located at the heart of Serang City, Sate Bebek Kang Firman. Started in 2017, his culinary business has grown Read more about Kabar Alumni: Firman Fajar Saputra[…]

Kabar Alumni: M. Fidhzariyan Kusuma Utama

Sosok alumni yang satu ini terlihat tenang dan pendiam. Namun sebenarnya, Muhammad Fidhzariyan Kusuma Utama atau yang akrab disapa Aya ini adalah seseorang yang sangat menyenangkan untuk menjadi teman mengobrol dan tukar pikiran, apalagi jika topiknya mengenai hal-hal yang bisa dilakukan pemuda untuk berkontribusi bagi kemajuan negeri ini. Tak heran, Aya memang sangat aktif dengan Read more about Kabar Alumni: M. Fidhzariyan Kusuma Utama[…]